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1 DP20003/DP10013

Comparing all high-voltage differential probes in the market, you will find Micsig DP series is very cost effective. Lower than 170USD, but the parameters is not less than big brand. Many customers test its quality. DP10013 allows conventional earth-grounded oscilloscopes to be used for floating signal measurements of up to 1300 V of differential voltage and common mode voltage.

If you want to use probe in higher voltage, you can consider DP20003, price is lower 270USd. the maximum input voltage is 5600V. 

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2 Passive probe
Passive probe

High quality passive probe specifications:



Model:                                    P130A

Dividing ratio:                         X10

Input capacitance:                14.5 pF -17.5 pF

Compensation range:            5Pf-30pF               

Frequency range:                  200MHz

Lead length:                           1.2m

Input impendence:                 10MΩ

Input voltage:                         ≤ 600V pk                      

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3 TO1000 Series
TO1000 Series

Tablet oscilloscope, will bring you an excellent operation experience which is different from traditional oscilloscope. You will give up all oscilloscopes with complicated buttons and knobs.

Micsig tablet oscilloscope tBook mini TO1000 series uses 8 inches industry TFT-LCD & 800*600 pixels display resolution, supports multi-touch operation. up to 28Mpts memory depth and 256 intensity grading display, 8G storage and also supports LAN, WiFi, HDMI, USB Host, USB Device. Unique file management, support iOS and Android and video record function. 

Before you make the final decision, just spend one minter to compare, you will make the right decision. 

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4 Oscilloscope Handbag
Oscilloscope Handbag

Used: Micsig oscilloscopes


Dimension: 375mm*250mm*90mm

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5 Power adaptor
Power adaptor

input voltage:100-240V AC

Input current2A

output12V DC

Maximum input current: 5A


Power llug specification:

P1. Chinese power plug (50Hz)

P2. North American power plug (115V, 60Hz)

P3. Britian power plug (240V, 50Hz)

P4. Australian power plug (240V, 50Hz)

P5. Switzerland power plug (220V, 50Hz)

P6. European universal power plug (220V, 50Hz)

P7. Indian power plug (50Hz)

P8. Japanese power plug (100V, 110/120V, 60Hz)

P9. Brazilian power plug (60Hz)

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6 MS500 Series
MS500 Series

In handheld oscilloscope market, I am afraid that only Micsig handheld multi-function oscilloscope can be regarded as a true oscilloscope and others can be called scope only.

Moreover, it’s function no less than desktop oscilloscope, as it designs lightweight and uses double injection plastic mould making oscilloscope high IP level; Real leather belt design, exclusively detachable battery design & supporting indoor & outdoor display mode make it become your good assistant in field working.

Using 5.7 inches 640*480 pixels industry TFT LCD touch screen; Supporting button, touch and scroll wheels operation mode; Integrating scope, meter & recorder in one unit; Up to 190,000wfm/s capture rate & 240Kpts memory depth; Supporting including CAN,LIN,SPI,I2C,UART,1533B and 429 serial bus trigger & decode functions.

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7 Suitcase


Used:  All Micsig oscilloscopes

Material:anti pressure seal plastic, black

Dimension:  430mm*360mm*160mm

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8 Isolated passive probe
Isolated passive probe

Isolated passive probe specifications:



Model:                                    Isoprobe

Dividing ratio:                         X10

Input capacitance:                 16 pF

Compensation range:            10 pF-35 pF

Frequency range:                  250MHz

Lead length:                          1.2m

Input impedence:                   10MΩ±1%

Input voltage:                         Max. 1000 V, CAT II (600V, CAT II)


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9 MS400 Series
MS400 Series

Micsig Handheld oscilloscope MS400 series is the hobbyists’ favorite on line shop because of super cost effective. It uses double injection plastic mould making oscilloscope high IP level and giving you better handling experience; And it weighs only 1.6KG so that you won’t feel tired to use it. Besides, exclusively detachable battery design makes you no any worry in field testing.


What’s worth mentioning that it uses 5.7 inches 640*480 pixels industry TFT LCD touch screen & supports button, touch and scroll wheels operation mode; Integrating scope, meter & recorder in one unit and unique scroll wheel & touch designs making handheld operation more convenient; Rapid response of operation system & online built-in helping menu making your testing work really easy & high efficient. 

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10 MS200 Series
MS200 Series

Compared with other oscilloscope brands, Micsig oscilloscope more focus on details quality guarantee and good user experiences. In terms of HHO oscilloscope MS200, high quality double injection mould not only makes people feel good on hardness & elasticity, also has functions of high IP level; This series has two designs including oblique leather belt design & carried in neck design; Meanwhile, it takes 5.7’’ TFT LCD, 640*480 pixels industry touch screen so that it shows clearer and more delicate in waveform; Moreover, it also supports indoor & outdoor display mode, making it more convenient in field operation. Furthermore, easy disassembling 6000mAh Li-on battery  can make user continue to work up to 7 hours even though in outages situation.

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