Tablet oscilloscope tBook TO(A)series bring you different oscilloscope operation experience. It redesigns the buttons & knobs of traditional oscilloscope, you will finish all oscilloscopes measurement operation steps by swiping and sliding with finger gestures, just like you are playing with smart phone.


2 or 4 channels,selectable from bandwidth 100MHz to 200MHz, sample rate 2GSa/s,memory depth up to 90Mpts,up to 500,000wfms/s max capture rate, supporting serial trigger operations,10.1 inches TFT-LCD,1024*600 pixels high resolution & built-in optional 13000mAh Li-ion battery will make you exact smart oscilloscope experience, which is a good assistant of your R&D job.

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      With 90Mpts memory depth and ZOOM technology, waveforms will be presented with more accuracy and details.

      A high waveform capture rate allows for better detection of glitch and runt signals. The higher capture rate allows more signal waveforms to be captured. By increasing the waveform capture rate, you see a more complete picture of what is going on with the signal.

      There are 31 auto measurements for the user to choose from on the Measure selection page.

      Tap “Measure” to display all the measurement options on one screen. Tap the desired measurement you want to select. To unselect a measurement, either tap the icon of the measurement to be unselected, or tap clear to remove all measurements.

      Tap any other place on screen to exit the menu.

      Drag the waveform in the desired direction with the tip of your finger.

      Tap “Quick Save” icon to save waveform to memory.

      An internal 8GBstorage capacity, expandable via USB, allows for a virtually unlimited number of waveforms to be saved.


      Tap  “CH1”  icon once to select desired channel you want to use, then you can easily to find desired waveform when there are many waveforms on the screen.

      Tap  “Cursor ”  to enable the cursor function.

      Touch the screen with two fingers to simultaneously adjust (as a pair) cursor “X1”    and “X2”  or cursor “Y1”and “Y2” positions.

      Tap “”  to get math and reference channel icon, then tap “Math” to open. Swipe left/ right to open/ close math channel setting. Tap “Math” again to turn off math function.

      Use the same method to set up the reference waveform.

      The on screen, soft keyboard allows for easy file naming and eliminates the need for using a knob to try and name files. This improves file naming efficiency up to 95%.

      Built- in optional 10,000mAh or 13,000mAh big capacity chargeable Li-ion battery can continue working time up to 6 hours.

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