Tablet oscilloscope tBook TO series are one good choice for low budget. 100MHz to 200MHz bandwidth, 2 or 4 channels, 1GSa/s sample rate, up to18Mpts memory depthup to 250,000wfms/s max capture rate, 10.1 inches LCD & 1024*600 pixel display resolution. It perfectly supports full touch and mouse operation. Friendly UI, Easy operation & Durable using.


Compared with traditional bench oscilloscope, tBook TO series unique & fast touch operation, super & clear display screen, supporting to store and view pictures locally, one shortcut key to save waveform rapidly, built-in 4G hard disk storage and optional 10000mAh or 13000mAh Li-ion battery provide you cost-effective oscilloscope choice.

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      With 18Mpts memory depth and ZOOM technology, waveforms will be presented with more accuracy and details.

      A high waveform capture rate allows for better detection of glitch and runt signals. The higher capture rate allows more signal waveforms to be captured. By increasing the waveform capture rate, you see a more complete picture of what is going on with the signal.

      Supports 7 types of trigger function: Edge, Pulse, Logic, Time Out, Dwart PW, Slope, N Edge, and Video.

      Tap “Level” to open the trigger level slider, and then drag the trigger level marker.

      Swiping down to take a screen shot quickly with four fingers. Waveforms can be viewed& edited in local.

      Tap “CH1” icon to display or hide the desired channels.

      Sliding right on the “channel” icon will open the channel configuration menu.

      Tapping  “mV” or  “V”  to set the desired vertical divisions.

      The Volts per division are displayed in the user interface.

      Double tap the waveform to zoom in on the desired region                                                                                               
      Tap  “Time Scale”  to open the time-base ruler to quickly modify the horizontal divisions.

      Swipe down with three fingers simultaneously to access the ZOOM function.

      Tap  “Cursor ”  to enable the cursor function.

      Touch the screen with two fingers to simultaneously adjust (as a pair) cursor “X1”    and “X2”  or cursor “Y1”and “Y2” positions.

      Support remote operation through a standard or wireless mouse and fly mouse. This allows the oscilloscope to be place in a convenient place for reading, while still maintaining functionality through the mouse interface.

      Built- in optional 10,000mAh or 13,000mAh big capacity chargeable Li-ion battery can continue working time up to 6 hours.

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